At Some point, we all find our selves in need of getting rid of an old appliance. Whether it is an old refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, range, washer or dryer, etc. We can help you through. Junk My Trash Specializes in getting rid of old heavy appliances. If you need it out, we can get it out with ease! Junk My Trash is equipped with state of the art and the industries most up-to-date tools. We can get any size job done without damaging or causing any type of harm to your property. One call clears it all! Call us now and schedule your free onsite estimate. 866-544-5865.

Junk My Trash will get rid of all types of appliances:

  •  Air Conditioning Unit Removal
  •  Heavy Freezer Disposal
  •  Drying Machine Disposal
  •  Oven Removal
  •  Dish Washer Removal
  •  Water Cooling Unit Disposal
  •  Stove Removal
  •  Washing Machine Removal
  •  Microwave Unit Removal
  •  Refrigerator Removal
  •  Old BBQ Grill Disposal

Don't stress your self out by doing it your self; let us do all the lifting, hauling and disposal. Call now! 866-544-5865.